Oxidised Snake Silver ring

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Introducing our captivating Oxidized Silver Snake Ring, a symbol of mystique, wisdom, and transformation. Crafted with a touch of bohemian spirit, this unique piece of jewelry embodies the essence of the free-spirited and the spiritually inclined.


As you slip this enchanting snake-shaped ring onto your finger, you'll feel a deep connection to the energies of the natural world. The intricate design captures the sinuous movements of a snake, symbolizing rebirth and renewal, reminding you to embrace change and growth.


But that's not all – this ring is not just a work of art; it's also a testament to quality and care. Our artisans have ensured that the silver used is not only exquisitely oxidized for that vintage charm but also free from tarnish, nickel, and lead. You can wear it confidently, knowing it's not just a statement piece, but one that cares for your well-being.


Embrace your inner hippie and spiritual side with this exquisite Oxidized Silver Snake Ring, a timeless piece that reflects your unique journey and celebrates your commitment to a free, untamed spirit. Elevate your style and consciousness – because you deserve nothing but the best.

Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Finishing : Oxidized + E-coat

Silver weight : 2.05 grams


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