Blue Topaz Silver Drop Earrings,

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Topaz drop earrings , finished with 925 sterling silver which is nickel and lead free. This pair have that sparkling, look at me appeal, from  casual to somewhere special they will do nothing but add sparkle and elegance. Lovingly handmade and finished with a faceted cut that shimmers in the light. Our Topaz is sourced from Brazil.

Chakras: Throat and third eye, Thought to help with self confidence.

Size: 8mm x 10mm(stone size).

Origin: topaz is the state mineral of Texas. It is found in Brazil and Zimbabwe.

Blue Topaz: It is know as the gemstone of Love, affection and good fortune.

Birthstone: Topaz is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal. Topaz, along with Citrine, is the traditional birthstone for those born on the Month of November, both currently and historically. Meanwhile, the Blue Topaz is an alternate birthstone for the month of December.



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